Yu Serviced Office Bangkok Co-working space rental Office of good choice

Are preparing the stage of the new company?
Whether the environmental cost of office nerve-racking?
Will such a problem to us! We are located in downtown Bangkok Green Tower 15 floor of Yu Serviced Office in Bangkok, Shared Office here, you can even bring their own laptops in, we for you to bear the environmental costs, water and electricity, decoration, instruments and network equipment, and even, to provide you free coffee and conference room space!
Yu Serviced Office in Bangkok, Shared Office at any time welcome you!

▏Traffic information  ACCESS

Like Bangkok commercial district Green Tower 15 floor of Yu Serviced Office Shared Office in Bangkok:

✔ Located in prime locations, near the BTS Thong Lo, walking about 10 feet.

✔ And has the famous scenic spot near Queen Sirikit Park (Queen Sirikit Park).

✔ More convenient shopping, supermarket center around, like a Gateway Ekamai, Suanplern Market, Tesco Lotus and Big C Rama 4, etc.

The Green Tower of Yu Serviced Office is located in the same building with major leading enterprises, such as FedEx, EXIM Thailand, Rohlig, Pioneer Ocean Freight and other well-known enterprises. They come to work here and even can further open other related contacts!


◉ Public transport:BTS & BUS

Adjacent Green Tower BTS is Thong Lo station, about 10 ~ 15 minutes’ walk, or you can consider to use the Bus system, adjacent to the Bus Stop is Boss Tower Bus (ป ้ า ย ร ถ ป ร ะ จ ำ ท า ง บ อ ส ท า ว เ ว อ ร ์), get off the street is Green Tower, after entering commercial building, to the 15th floor is Yu Serviced Office in Bangkok sharing Office!


◉ To drive: Airport→ Green Tower

From element than the general line 2 (Suvarnabhumi2) to empty three zimbabwean area (Khlong Sam Prawet) along the route has been open seven. 7 received poem le highway (Sirat Expy) and poor lung highway (Chalong Rat Expy) to Mr Caron area (Phra Khanong) influx of element of fifty (50) Soi Sukhumvit from bad long le highway (Chalong Rat Expy), under the no. 3-04 export of driving to the empty dike county Khlong Tan ramah four road (Thanon Rama IV), the destination is on your right.

▏Yu Serviced Office Environment introduction

Let us introduce you, Yu Serviced Office Shared Bangkok Office environment! To the counter, first of all, we’ll have a regular staff for you, and you can ask a lot more about your needs, and of course, of course, the Office of the Shared Office in the Office of the Office in Bangkok has been provided for you:


Registered company/office/Thai teaching, open an account (personal & company)/A work permit or visa application/90 days to report for duty service/The Thai elite card service

Car rental service/Pay the transaction/Accounting affairs/Design services/translation/Delivery service/Content marketing/Talent recruitment

▏Public environment is necessary, and sharing, communication networks start from here


We offer you free magazine reading area, coffee, have a rest area, public address area.

➤Magazine reading area

As an open and comfortable public hall, here, we provide cold drinks, and composite photocopiers, you can invite the next to the merchant magazine, looking for a small party chair is seat is reading!

➤Coffee lounge area,We provide free brand of top class Thailand coffee – Boncafe Thailand for you, here, tired of work can take a break, looked out the window of the Bangkok street view, added a few small snacks, recharge yourself.

➤Mail Box,If you have any opening demand, certainly will need address for business registration, or studio address, Yu Serviced Office Shared Office provided to each in Bangkok Office partner with exclusive box design, to make it convenient for you to receive letters or as the transmitting end.

▏Discuss the benefits and fun, to make good use of meeting room space

Meeting room space is divided into: large/small

Yu Serviced Office attaches great importance to the independent space of each team, but we also know you will have to discuss the requirement, we offer a free meeting room space, its use cost is another billing, these contain your chosen project cost! Number is between two small one.

◉ Large conference room space

Can accommodate the number of:16 ~ 20 people

Every meeting space is to provide professional film and television equipment, to meet customer partners diversity of space planning, also can according to customer requirements for the adjustment of the desks and chairs. To provide you with a variety of teaching presentation or small and medium-sized enterprises and products presentation small speech etc.

◉ Small conference room in the space

Can accommodate the number of:4 ~ 6 person

Small meeting room space in the form of the round table, the number of less, closer to the conversation, for 2 rooms at present, these Spaces are in the office after it’s free to use, no extra charge.

▏Attaches great importance to the privacy of team, independent compartments for you.

Yu Serviced Office in Bangkok, Shared Office Office of the independent compartments can be divided into two types, one type for indoor commercial space (Internal Room), landscape type commercial space (Window View Room), two kinds of commercial space is S, M, L size selection.

➤ S  Internal Room

Whether individual workers, or a small team and can work in this area of independence focus, undisturbed.

  • The room number: 15
  • Seating capacity: 2 people
  • Space space: 4-10 ping

➤ M  Window View Room

The scenery outside the window is the Bangkok city scenery, natural lighting, the relationship between overall visual bright space, provide new small teams, temporary meeting and send to the discussion of the creative space, can also be used as a freelancer communication.

  • Nine room number:
  • Seating capacity: 4 to 6 people
  • Space space: 11-20 flat

➤ L spacious Office

Space is capacious, good sound insulation effect, and can be overlooking the surrounding business circle and the building, provide you with a comfortable working environment.

  • Between the room number: 1
  • Seating capacity: 6-8 people
  • Space space: 39 ping

▏About us

Equipment demand side can plan, favourable activity, is now the lowest price as long as 4999, want to know more about price and cost items, welcome to Contact Us ☛ Contact Us  


Yu Serviced Office Shared Bangkok Office to independent business space for the main shaft, the space is divided into multiple high privacy space for business purposes, you only need to carry personal items, you can easily register company or individual studios, eliminating the decoration, water and electricity, and use elastic! Don’t tie around! Low cost to create! Dream blueprint has been to outline, action, such as you, what are you waiting for?

Yu Serviced Office

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