Pursuing new and change of tourist ⇝ kingdom of Thailand

Age, culture, economy has not been in change, believe that there are a lot of people is to Thailand in a backward stage, had to admit that this place is a bit big gap between the rich and poor in Thailand, but you know they economic growth but constantly innovation.The number of Chinese tourists in 2016 alone 8.8 million people, according to official figures, more than 25%, this is all foreign tourists contribute 28% of revenue.

Aerial Photograph at Phra Nakhon District, Bangkok

Period in 1960, the Thai government to the development of tourism industry, the results is not wrong, to 2008, attracted more than 14 million tourists.

1982 times, Thailand tourism would replace rice as the biggest source of foreign exchange, tourism also began into a period of yellow gold.

1997 times, the Asian financial crisis in Thailand a considerable impact on the overall economic environment, tourism nature also suffered not a small blow.Come over, the Thai government effective combination of public and private sector resources and energy, the launch large international marketing activities, also Amazing Thailand (backpacks Thailand), coupled with the promotion of medical tourism, medical tourism), and the new airport is enabled to investigate more, mechanical and quickly take Thailand tourism out of the shadow of the financial crisis.

Thailand as early as two or three years ago to renovate image, former minister of tourism Kobkarn Wattanavrangkul year started killing the sex industry, military police are responsible for the management of pattaya red-light district clubs, hostels, also in phuket, clean beaches, reduce waste, in the year before pattaya, Carlisle than 21 beach also started smoking ban.


The government also plans to support, in Japan at a cost of $15 billion build a new railway from Bangkok to Chiang mai, development of cities and towns along the way, also plans to build the new airport in the south do not hole.Phuket’s new international terminal opened the year before last, is expected to become the gates to the surrounding area.


And downtown Bangkok, Thailand in recent years is also under the parties’ continuously expand new mall joint, amusement center and many in recent years the rise of large original night market, to attract more tourists to Thailand from country to country.



source of the picture:https://mvp-plan.cdri.org.tw/topics/ff80808165ab53ec0165ad4bc8ca0004



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