“Shared economic Sharing pa” virtually become the most reliable service of modern people

“Sharing economy”  is the modern people in the age of 4.0 the new economic model, we can coexist with it anytime and anywhere, but some people don’t know what they are consuming service or purchasing behavior, we also call it share of the economy.Today, will take you know will replace the old economy new economy mode, from modern to change to the future, even on a mobile phone can solve all the problems, we call it a share of the economy.

❅ Do you know what is Shared economy?

Now, if talk about sharing economy must not don’t know what it is, but sharing economy is actually a form of powerful economic, but also to assist service consumers together, or we can talk more directly, using the Shared economic model, we don’t need to do anything.

Service providers in providing services, including consumer, all at the same time in the win-win benefit.Nowadays, there are many from company to company, using the Shared economic system.


➤A Shared economic entity

In anecdotal, we hear most often Shared economic, in addition to the work space, public bicycle, and the morphology of the leasing Office entity solid-state how to share, but the embedded are service pattern transformation, industry to provide a public space, the use of space and the payment method, it is no longer tied about conditions in the past systems, a more choice with elastic supply and demand the requestor payment scheme, according to the actual demand for the change of elastic, such sharing space concept gradually in to replace the original tenant space “traditional” type, like Bangkok Yu Serviced Office,This space provides a complete business meeting space and equipment requirements, you only need a laptop can even to create the office.

The demanders must undergo multifarious formalities for decoration, such as water and electricity wiring trouble reduction, that is the advantage of the recent rise of Shared space.


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❅ How to use Shared economy?

Implementation of Shared economic system operators, is most likely a often use technology as a platform for startups, whether on the web page or application, it can be used as a vehicle for platform creator to create.

Smaller service provider is part of the platform provides service platform will help them find customers. And the services from the beginning to the payment, everything is completed in the case of the creator of the platform.

A lot of people are familiar with these provide Shared economic platform, such as BeNeat, BeNeat, Uber, Grab, growing company. But on these platforms, people can’t work on your own.

It is a kind of create media platform, to meet customer demand for services or services provided by service providers own demand.

❅ Everyone from the Shared economy get inside?

Platform creator the most efficient use of their potential, because platform creators don’t have to use their own resources to provide services. It requires creative thinking to find the solution of problems also need management technology to benefit the innovation ability. As a result, the platform builder is gaining is service providers in the middle of the income.

  • Smaller service provider, will have more chance to provide service, something in our sales or service before, must find a gold position, or you need to advertise, promote their products or services. But when we will share the economy to small businesses, even if the service provider to provide good service, it also has the opportunity through the platform to get a quick response from the clients.
  • For example:環球管家 (MyHomeManage)Property management platform, no matter when and how far away, as long as customers want to clean the room or his property property, don’t have to wait and confirm, each other’s time management and consultation, or don’t have to charge dispute and so on, using the global steward of customer, can choose suitable plan immediately, of course, including booking, prices are clear instructions, and must be safe, because through the platform of all butler is a fully certified. Home cleaning services, customers can rest assured, in addition to real house rent escrow, indoor decoration, photography, repair maintenance, accounting services, etc.

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❅Thailand’s economy share the degree to which stage?

Thailand will complete has entered the age of 4.0, but no matter how many countries are also brought himself into 5.0 the consciousness of The Times. Now, Thailand will bring Shared economic model, for operators or service providers to help each other, customers can also have more choices to make their own decisions.

So whether alone or with other people cooperation, want to survive in this economy, whether now or in the future, to do everything yourself, can be a very difficult thing, maybe the economic cycle is also very easy to end. However, for the next opportunity, context will be interested in what kind of technology in the world? What is a exciting new industry pattern? All of these are worth us to do a more in-depth discussion.

➤Part of the original source:“Sharing Economy” บริการที่ผู้ใช้ชอบ คนให้บริการก็ใช่ by BeNeat.co

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