☀ Four ways to take care of yourself in the office☀


Referred to as many working partners, must escape but fate was sitting in front of the computer all day every day! Just because sat in the same place every day do the same myriad things, leading to sometimes let yourself feel very tired and bored, so some small diseases can produce slowly.
Extended Reading โรคออฟฟิศซินโดรม (Office Syndrome)


“Work is busy all day don’t come over, take time to take good care of yourself?”


A month to bring a little salary we even if not like other people to go to the gym movement, but we can also use our own little ways to maintain oneself well, good let the pain of all disease away from us.


Today we must go to see, what what method can let small endowment the family can maintain well yourself?

1.A cup of coffee a day

Believe that most people have the habit of drinking coffee now, of course, job is busy don’t come to a cup of coffee is certainly no mood to work, it should be how to drink coffee do not cause the burden of the body?


As long as you know the right amount drink coffee not only won’t cause burden to our body but also can help us balance, but may have some effects such as: yellow teeth, oral is faulty. But, if is a day more than a cup of caffeine concentration in the body will be too high, which will lead to a racing heartbeat, cause heart palpitations, and even affect the heart, after time, she may lead to high blood pressure and other serious disease, high blood pressure and other serious diseases.

If you can’t just drink a cup of coffee a day, that would suggest that you use other ways to refresh,

For example: eat more acidic fruit, regular maintenance eye washing a face, or a cup of hot tea to warm up, because the tea also has a little caffeine, can even help you relieve the body.

2.Eating fruit after the meal

In every meal of the day, we sometimes get too busy to eat the meal or just eat something and go back to work, but whether it’s just to forget or to finish the fast food is a burden on our bodies!

During the day we should eat three full meals, eat more green vegetables or is tie-in fruit eating the meal together, eat fruit after a meal can make our body added some complement some vitamins, vitamin C and these will make your mind and body enrages bright.


We usually maintain one posture at work, which causes tension in certain areas of the muscles.

Sometimes has maintained the same pose serious word will also cause nerve to be squeezed, and lead to we need to accept treatment, so in order to avoid this kind of circumstance happening we should be in every 20 minutes when a change of position like can stand up and walk around, stretch so that we can timely make muscle relaxes.

4.Timely rest your eyes away from the computer

Computer screens blue light can cause burden on the eyes, a lot of people myopia is because blue light.

If you need to spend a whole day to stay in front of the computer in the face of blue light, that you should let your eyes rest more, can see the distance or the nature of green plants, in order to can timely to relax my eyes!

If you are already friends with a pair of glasses, then you can choose to have resistance to blue lenses, don’t neglect your own eyes.

Above, these are all can let you can in the work time to maintain their own small secret.

Let you even sit in the office all day, look at the screen all day. You can also stay away from those annoying little disease, can let work more smoothly .

Author: Raphi Nonthasiri

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