Office chair. – how do you choose to be healthy?

Office workers and office chairs can be said to form a body, when you have to spend a whole day sitting in front of the computer staring at the computer or spend a whole day to deal with piles of piled up files, the chair has a handle and wheels and back curve is absolutely your best choice! It can make our work more smooth smooth, can let our bodies are not rigid but more comfortable after a whole day’s class.


Office equipment is every company needs to have the chair, so how to choose a proper chair is very sacred. And if you choose the wrong chair, it can even affect the health of the staff.

Problems that may result in health problems may include neck, head pain, back pain, optic nerve, lumbar spinal pain, and the like.

Because of various factors, the choice of chairs must be selected as follows:

  1. Back of a chair at the appropriate level

A good office chair should have basically be in the backrest Angle that is in 100-130 degrees Angle, this Angle accords with our ergonomics, it won’t affect the normal range of our vertebral pillow excessively.


So this is the chair back of a chair is the most suitable for horizontal when office chair.

  1. The armrest

Now that we know of office chair, with a number of different styles or unique design, there is a obvious that there are a lot of new office chair is no arms. No arm chair to sit in the office all day is a great burden for the employee, because if we use the computer, we can use the keyboard and mouse, get the armrest chairs can make use of these electronic products will be more comfortable, more let the arms have placed a more relaxing place. And the height of the handrail must also in accord with human body engineering, can neither too high nor too low! Or it will cause the arm for the placement of unnatural and produce more of the burden.

  1. Headrest

Get the headrest chairs may not be common in every company, even with all may also executives sit chair will have head, or the company may give information technology staff is equipped with a head office chair


Because they need to do some research and development of information work for a long time, head can prevent them from working for a long time of neck pain.

  1. Adjustable height

Company should buy can adjust the height of chair, height are different for each employee. If the chair is cannot make the adjustment, belongs to the high staff must be hunched over both the work; Belongs to a relatively small staff is better than to be straight chest have their height can reach a certain level with computer and desktop, whether high or low as long as it is not conform to the height of desk chair with employees will start their painful time, just imagine if met this kind of condition today just was tired one day, if you want to continue to work on spine part is great burden.

  1. Seat

When we choose office chair seat when we should give preference to the larger office chairs as the priority, because each person’s body is different, if we give preference to the larger office chair for size compare tall boy girl can is a kind of happiness, of course seat will happen too crowded uncomfortable situation.

Above these, if you know so you can easily choose the suitable office chair, if the boss in the office or just want to buy in new office furniture, don’t forget to tell him these little secret, so that you can comfortably at ease in the future work.

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