Ten kinds of snacks when you are refreshing good partners☺

ether because stay up late, workload, excessive use of eye or because at noon to eat rice and want to sleep, of course, we also can’t abandon work choose sleeping right?
Unless you want to be targeted by the boss!


So we have to find ways to keep ourselves away from sleepy, always wash a face to keep myself awake, listening to music or find something to do, and even find some snacks to eat, how much do these can help us out sleepy!

Today we’re here to see the 10 office snacks that are making sleepy heads:

1.Green mango


The favorite snacks for the girls in the office, the degree of acid is to bite into the mouth and the eye will be a very bright piece of fruit. Green mango is very nutrition value and the most important thing is that it has no heat.


So can let a person always stop hands always eat, also don’t be afraid to eat how much heat.

2.After the curing acid fruit


If you think of fresh fruit may not be enough to drive you sleepy, then you have to give it a try after the pickled fruit.


Whether after soaking DouYe grape, mango, acid and so on other fruits, sweet salty or sour spicy will make these fresh fruit has become an office snacks can make you refreshing.


So some people will give up after the fresh fruit to take refuge in preserved fruit, but!!!!!!!!!!!! In the wake of the pickled fruit cannot eat every day, after all it is with a lot of seasoning and to pickled, every day to eat or to eat many will burden on one’s own body.

3.Sour beans

Is a kind of popular use it to drive away the sleepy little snacks, acid DouYe about three kinds of taste on the market: the sour, sweet, spicy it three flavors.

Can eat food with refreshing is that it is also very chewiness, so a lot of office colleagues will buy a whole box on his desk.

4.Crispy Fried snacks

Although crispy and Fried snacks content on our health is not very good, but crisp crisp crisp food always can let we don’t want to sleep, so many people would put a few packages on their position, in case you want to sleep can be used to eat.

But don’t forget, this kind of snack would not have been so good to the body, too much is not recommended.


If you want to look for low quantity of heat that you can try to do not add any popcorn seasoning, it will surely is the best partner to drive you sleepy.

And it is neither heat is refined through from the plants, and has the high in fiber can help the gastrointestinal peristalsis, so it is one of the popular office snacks.

6.Chewing gum

Chewing gum is a kind of can let you have been chewing something, so you can use your mouth to chew some think so don’t let yourself to sleep! But the gum has a small shortcomings is, if it is too often have been chewing gum chewing gum or long time will cause you to face more and more chewing muscles, so everyone have the right amount of use chewing gum to refreshing.

7.Sour candy

Look at this, I think everyone has a brand in mind

Usually sour candy made with lemon on machining, so if you want to drive away sleepy just can put a few sour candy in his office.

8.WASABI cookies

Believe that the small snacks you also must have eaten, some fiery WASABI can help you to instantly refresh, and like the moment some fiery WASABI will like feeling and always eat not to stop, so the little snacks is also everyone can be a reference.

9.Hot tea

Tired to drink a cup of hot drink can make us feel comfortable body, if drink tea can make more better.

Because tea contains caffeine, is also very suitable for those who want to quit coffee colleagues.


Although very don’t want to introduce you to the reference, but I believe that everyone want to rid sleepy first thought must be rely on coffee! So have to put it in this article.

Coffee has caffeine in it, so it can make you drink it and then you get a kick out of it, but if you continue to drink it every day, you’ll develop antibodies to the coffee itself, so it may be very effective at first and then it won’t feel like coffee at all.

These are the recommended above 10 small office snacks, there are advantages and disadvantages, but no matter how to want to have a good spirit in the office have to have a regular life.

Author: Raphi Nonthasiri

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