If you want to rent a house, where do you start?

Rent house in nowadays is also become a kind of on housing a way of earning income, we have our own property is not only to raise mosquitoes or in idle there let him slowly old, but can bring a considerable income for us, MyHomeManage today want to take you to get to know to when you want to put the precious house rent what matters should be finish before you go out?

1.Assess the price of the house

The estimated price of a rented house can be evaluated in many ways, such as: the house itself, the decoration, the living space, the old and new condition of the house, the surrounding environment, and most importantly, the price of the market rent.

If you wanted to borrow the rent house is loan to pay the rent, then you must count the cost price of the house rent, for example: have you bought a house of 2.9 million, 17000 a month rent from the bank loans, and evaluation about the rent after the market rent price can catch at around 15000, but if we stay in a clean new house can put the rent up to 17000, this means we can draw to pay bank loans.

2.Look for tenants

There used to be a lot of different ways to rent a house than there are now, so today I’m going to show you some of the different ways that you can rent a house

2.1 On the Internet – now Internet is very developed, so the posts on the Internet is that most people will choose the first way, because the Internet posted article besides is the most convenient also does not need any cost (unless you choose to advertising), there are many famous channels on the Internet can let you to posts, for example: Facebook, there are many communities make you can stick house information in the above, there are many reference members will go to your house, you can say it’s very convenient also can borrow directly from a group for most people to know this information.

2.2 Notice posted at the door – the traditional way is developed before the Internet has been maintaining the traditional way, is the need to take a big sign the lease contact information and then hung on the door, so that after door every one can clearly see the rental information, the channels are will fit into the live beside the main road with people bustling crowds, not recommended for home in a small alley or small community people use inside, because exposure will little effect also will not be too big.

2.3 Room ZhongYe – if you belong to a less time spent on Posting rental information, then you can go to help you find room ZhongYe post house rental information, because the room ZhongYe there are so many channels is we usually don’t know, but you must be when tenant signed a contract with you to pay a commission to the secondary industry, if tenant is about 1 year the commission must give equal to one month’s rent.

2.4 Community/apartment – every administrative unit has an announcement channel for everything, including buying and selling houses

3.The house contract

In nowadays where tenants, there are many kinds of, also can directly download the leasing scheme on the Internet, so we can need not personally go to put a a list of the convention, we need to do is to find the most similar to the ideal signing contracts to do, only need to modify the contract conditions and demand more accord with home.

In addition to the rental rate and time, another point is particularly important in contract, house responsibility part, whether it is inside the house, it’s inside and outside furniture, appearance, or is the electronics if there is need to damaged part of the compensation, the terms and conditions must be clearly identified in the contract, is to protect both parties terminate the contract if controversial words can take the inside of the contract terms and conditions for execution.

The above three major points are how to make the first step to cross the rental house, every rental house before we should first think about which method we should use or we can try each method, but we must make a plan in advance, otherwise it is possible to lose or yourself.

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