Why did I choose Coworking Space?-The cost of paper

A lot of people don’t know what a Shared space is, but what is a  Coworking space?

Coworking space-Also known as the common work space, provides a common work space, also known as the broad sense of common work, and “common work” is a form of work.

A lot of people get confused about Coworking Space and think, well, isn’t it just a few tables and chairs? So what else do I get?

If you choose to Coworking Space ,  I can tell you that you’re getting through a lot more office office Space than you’re through going out and renting it yourself. Without further ado, let’s take you through how much you can save just on the cost part.

Situation 1: I saw xx ping of xx building only XXXXX Thai baht



Ok, here’s the problem!

If your team today is a small group of four or five people, then if you rent an office, all the equipment belongs to you, but how many chances do you really use it? Example: conference room ok, rent your own office and have your own meeting room, but you may only use it once a week?

So if it’s co-working Space, you don’t have to be co-paying through the office for public facilities  you can be co-operating through them through the office at a time of need.

Decorate cost or the word that you want an office to have facade, you still have to go to compare price with each manufacturer to ask somebody else to do decorate for his office, but no matter how appraise certainly is to have to pay go up a huge charge!

If you use co-working, you can save this money and have a decorated environment.


If it’s electricity, it’s terrible. The price of electricity in Thailand is no joke!

There are two ways to calculate electricity charges in Thailand:

  1. Private electricity (expensive);
  2. Public electricity (calculated according to the government)

The first: depending on where the owner sets the electricity price, it usually ranges from 5 baht to 10 baht per kilowatt hour.

The 2nd kind: go according to the regulation of public authority charge charge, usually 1-3 Thai baht/kilowatt-hour differ.

If what you rent today is the price of electricity charged by a private person, then you must pay 4,000 to 5,000 baht per month, sometimes even higher. Because the weather in Thailand is hot, it is quite common to turn on the air conditioner.

If you add the amount of these small electrical appliances such as: fan, lights, speakers, conference room air conditioning, signboard lights, mobile phone charger, projector, photocopier, fax machine, coffee machine, cold water cooler, these estimates come down to about 1500-2000/ month.

But if you choose Shared space, your utilities or some other appliances are included in the rent.


If you look at the prime locations in Bangkok, Thailand, they usually fall between 1200 baht and 2000 baht per square meter, plus management fee and rental income tax.

Internet + phone + water fee + transaction + drinking machine conservative estimate of 2500-3000 baht/month.

ust the rent for the office plus some groceries = at least 70,000-100,000 baht, depending on the location and size of the room you rent. Do you think the price is reasonable?

Situation two: I see so-and-so business building just XXXX Thai baht

We always insist on getting what we pay for.

Cheap price does not mean that he has been decorated, even if he has been decorated does not mean that the inside equipment conditions.

To find all equipment condition is complete or inside also had decorated, the price also is very sweet word is fundamental it is much more difficult!

But if customers insist on saving money and looking for cheaper ones, we can only go from a simple and comfortable space like the above to a simple and poorly equipped office like the one below.

Situation 3: I’ll just stay at home or go to the coffee shop


If it is at home, do you think it is convenient for people to go in and out of your home?
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Said again if again the word that the home sets an office needs to register, it is to be able to affect building duty rate besides.

The domestic tax rate is 1.2%, and the business tax rate is 3%

With the preferential self-use residential land price tax rate for non-business use 2%, the tax rate for business use is adjusted to 10%

Are you sure you still have your home office?


Coffee Shop

Coffee shop is really a good place, there is free coffee to drink air conditioning can blow, but are you sure the environment there is suitable for you to work with partners for a long time? Do you think that if a boss has a coffee shop as his office, his employees will trust him?

Think about it, you and your friends occupy a small part of the space of the coffee shop for a short period of time. What will the staff and other guests think of you there?

Although saved the site fee and some basic expenses, but if you choose the coffee shop is not a long-term solution!


Many invisible costs are actually the invisible killer of entrepreneurs, whether it is the new type of Shared space or the old form of rental office, shopping around will never let you lose.

Before starting a business, learn about each of the different options so you don’t lose out on yourself and get ahead of others on the path to success, rather than spending money just starting out.

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