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Studio or office rental is now a popular trend in commercial real estate throughout the country or even abroad, if compared with the purchase and sale, the price of the purchase and sale will be higher than the rent, if it is to do office use that is not to mention, the price will soar to more than 500,000 to 1 million.
If compared to buy all the entrepreneurs nowadays transfer the idea of buying office rental office, because the loan share price but save a lot of office, to move office is relatively convenient many, as long as the are all Shared inside the office decoration is completed, in addition, the office location is set in the business district of entrepreneurs in the field, can be at ease to choose our office.

In today’s rental studio or office has been divided into several types, na today we will look at all the rental office or studio in today’s are divided into what kind of types? So what type of business is appropriate for what kind of business?

1.Traditional office

To a traditional office? Usually empty office, traditional office she is likely to be one layer or in a building is in the state of the whole building is leased, of course the traditional office only with room wall has good light, relative to the price of this office will be surprisingly low. If it is like this kind of traditional office is more suitable for the enterprise with a large number of employees, or need to do compartments to separate the departments, although the disadvantage is that there is no redundant decoration but the advantage is the price is very favorable, is equal to have to design the interior decoration and so on all by themselves, more have to bear all the costs.

2.Service office

Service office refers to the much more than traditional office facilities is not only the empty an office, and even some are much more than traditional office sound insulation devices, each service office from small office can hold 1 to 2 people to 8 to 10 seats office, because as a service-oriented office since also refer to the the office with all kinds of convenient services of this type, for example, the reception staff, send the parcel or letter, cleaning, maintenance personnel… And so on. These convenient service costs will all be absorbed by the service office, so many companies can save a sum of money. Service offices are suitable for start-ups or small and medium-sized enterprises, and are convenient for setting up offices in some areas.

3.Home office

The idea of a Home Office is to set up an Office at Home. The Home is the Office through communication tools such as the Internet. In such a Small Office Home Office is called SOHO for short. Even people who are quadriplegic or unable to move around on their own can still work from home and become self-employed. This kind of work place can be entered and left at will for 24 hours, but the only drawback is that the price of the house will increase with the location and utilities or other fertilizer are to be borne by themselves.

4.Coworking Space

Coworking Space will work together, this kind of office is in recent years began to popular office form, this new kind of Coworking Space data suitable for designers, freelancers, or mat engineers etc… . Coworking Space often enough, in the form of broad Space, there are tables and chairs, laptops, and independence is more round and square tables and chairs, for use in group discussion, in this place have free tea coffee can make use of, or provide any food. While office Spaces are divided into one-day ticket offices, office hour offices, and office rental-office offices, the upside is that they’re affordable, the environment is less boring than traditional offices, and the office is more open to people from across offices — and the downside is that there’s no way to be a peaceful office office.

5.Virtual Office

he virtual office is a new type of office that is very strange to everyone. The virtual office is probably a place where remote business owners and employees can work no matter where they are in the world. For example, a freelance consultant may be based in Chiang mai, but there is a set of virtual office addresses and telephone answering services in London that can help clients in London navigate logistics. Virtual offices are physical operations, not cloud-based. Even if the remote worker is not actually in the virtual office, he or she can still use his or her address for company registration and contact, so that he or she does not have to use his or her private home address on documents such as invoices or online advertisements.

Before choosing an office, you must first clearly understand the advantages and disadvantages of each kind, so as to make good use of your future office! After searching all kinds of offices on the Internet, it is also necessary to go to the site to survey the site, do not randomly decide the office, because the quality of the office can be related to the work effect of employees.
Finally, if you are just looking for new Office Yu Serviced Office will definitely your first choice, Yu Serviced Office lease Office located in downtown locations in Bangkok and BTS station nearby, there are department stores and food shops around can make you some variety of choice, convenient environment is also very good, the most important thing is that the Office is very clean and comfortable, can also have a free room for you to use additional services, and the counter staff get to reference and have a look.

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