What can I do with the conference room in Yu Serviced Office?

Conference room service or simple conference room is a kind of service included in Yu Serviced Office, and the charging mode is the user payment. However, every customer who enters Yu Serviced Office does not need to worry about the cost, because customers in Yu Serviced Office are entitled to free use twice a week.

In addition, Yu Serviced Office itself also rents out conference rooms. If you need to do some activities and need to use the space of a large conference room, today we will see what activities can be done with the conference room and provide guidance for those who are looking for an activity room.

Today, I have sorted out five activities that are suitable for you to complete in the conference room of Yu Serviced Office.

1.General meeting

Our conference room table is long, the chair is also the back of the computer chair on both sides of the table, more projector so that you can easily connect to the computer! Not only that, our conference room is also equipped with good sound insulation equipment, so that we don’t have to be afraid of external noise interference when meeting again.

2.Creative work

Yu Serviced Office inside the walls of the room is made of special glass in addition there is a very good insulation, more special is this kind of special glass we use it to replace the original blackboard, so you can write anything on the glass at random can also erase at random, so if you are engaged in the work of creative play Yu Serviced Office conference room will be very suitable for you, because no matter sometimes when yao thoughts or ideas to draw on the glass, clean, no chalk dust dirty bacteria.

3.Lecture or seminar

f you need a place for a theme seminar, or if you want to hold a lecture to share something with your audience, our conference room is ready for you at any time. In addition, we also have the service of buying cookies or snacks for you if you need. (additional service charge).

4.Group work

We carefully designed meeting rooms are hand made gift, flower arranging is or hand made knitting, we are very happy to these courses on loan to our office, personally take students to our office for learning and wanted to borrow from our meeting room open video teaching students to ensure all can be done very well in this course.

5.Hit the books/Remediation

In addition to the large conference room, our office also has a small conference room that can accommodate 2-4 people, so that you can have independent space. For example, you can use the appropriate conference room size to review your lessons with your friends, and the round table can help you get closer to each other and discuss with ease.

Finally, if you are just looking for new Office Yu Serviced Office will definitely your first choice, Yu Serviced Office lease Office located in downtown locations in Bangkok and BTS station nearby, there are department stores and food shops around can make you some variety of choice, convenient environment is also very good, the most important thing is that the Office is very clean and comfortable, can also have a free room for you to use additional services, and the counter staff get to reference and have a look.

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