5 things you can’t ignore when renting a house

When we use our house as a rental it gives us an extra source of income; Passive income. Or it can be regarded as our own property. People who own more than one house usually rent out other houses, so as to avoid other houses becoming empty and increase their income.

Sounds feel very simple, but it’s actually really didn’t want to rent house so simple, there are a lot of the lessor has lost a lot of money on it, if you still have to wait at home as long as the other get money that you think will definitely make you lose more money, so today Yu Serviced Office want everyone to pay attention to five pieces should not be neglected when you rent house, this will prevent some accident or loss.

1.Ignore capital

With bank installment loans if you are going to a house, and then put the part of the rent to pay the bank loan, it can only say that this way is very dangerous because you have no so-called reserve, when you want to rent out the property always need to spend some time to find tenants, information now rent house so much impossible announcements posted a rent your house will soon have a tenant to contact you! So you must oneself should have a reserve, before finding tenant again you must take out his reserve to pay a bank loan first, such ability won’t have the circumstance that does not have capital to pay a bank loan.

The reserve that still has a part is to need to take the charge of the charge that rectify a house, no matter be public charge, building insurance premium, repair and decorate a house, these are landlord should want to have a reserve to come in order to be used in case of contingency.

2.Ignore tenant issues

Many landlords ignore the tenants, because some landlords are eager to rent out their houses, so as long as someone comes to ask, they will rent out their houses quickly. However, such a situation may cause some unnecessary troubles in the future. The landlord must first confirm the credit of the tenant, or check whether the tenant has a bad credit record before, which can ensure that you will not encounter bad credit of the tenant or the tenant of your house as a crime place.

3.Neglect of contract

Every time you have a lease, you have to have a contract as evidence. Whether you have a special relationship with the other party or someone you know well, you have to draw up a contract to defend the rights of both parties. Because there will always be many accidents in life, whether it is cheating or destroying the furniture inside… Wait a moment, the contract can be him to build or it is the network is very developed now can go online go printing comes down, should find the contract that accords with oneself house condition itself nearly only if have, want to add note in it is him handwritten ok. These are the only pieces of evidence that can prevent a tenant from breaking a contract or breaking furniture.

4.Neglect to check your house regularly

Like we mentioned in the first place, rent house will never be a other waiting for rent charge to work at home, the landlord must regularly to check the status of the building, these conditions can write it in the contract, can produce a lot of problems with the tenant, after don’t should be timely to inspect your home situation, furniture, electronics appliances, even every corner must be carefully checked.

5.Neglect to handle individual accounts

When letting a house, must want to apply for an account to be able to record income and expenditure gives a record, no matter be the record that collects rent or it is the expenditure that repairs a house to repair furniture, public charge, it is the record even house duty and land duty.

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