How attractive are the notices and words posted on rental properties?

If only photos and prices are absolutely not enough to attract customers to contact us, the advertising words can now be used as a model for us to attract tenants, which can successfully attract customers to take the initiative to contact us with their mobile phones.

It was mentioned in the previous articles If you want to rent a house, where do you start?

Including the collection of all advertising channels, today we want to introduce the “small secret of Posting announcement rental house”, using what words and phrases so that we want to rent out the property smoothly.

Words that apply

1.Check in anytime/ Ready to move in

When you buy a house, you don’t have to spend any extra time and time to redecorate the house. When you use this word, it can help you distinguish the customer group.

2.Complete interior decoration/ Fully Furnished

If you are renting a property with a fully furnished interior, this phrase can be used to make the tenant feel like a bargain without having to shell out extra money to renovate the interior.

3.Redecorate / Renovated

Post advertisements of second-hand houses, some houses will be in the old mode and wait for new owners to decorate by themselves, but the price will be lower. Some will be redecorated and then rented out to the next owner, but usually the redecorated price will be higher.

4.In what… near / Closed to…..

We rent a house if I can in life function convenient places, that will also attract many opportunity to rent a house guest asked, like a department store supermarket around my house, public institutions, or the location of the house is near downtown traffic station not far from the distance, close to the communication way, these will attract a lot of need life function is convenient to rent the house to ask.

5.High privacy, no interference/ Peaceful & Full of privacy

If your home is in a more remote location, then you can advertise in a way that says, well, it’s quiet, it’s quiet, it’s not noisy, it’s not intrusive and it’s privacy is good enough.

Words you should try to avoid

1.A small space/ Small

If it is the house that you want to buy you won’t want the house of small level ground number between foreign exchange market of course, although the advertisement content content that we post won’t have too much, but at least we can choose vocabulary to describe our house of small level ground number afresh, can make good use of medium and small space more.

2.The old house (Old – Old fashion)

Some old houses are left over from previous generations, and people will definitely think about the word “old house”. Excessive use of the word “old house” or “idle house” for a long time will make tenants have no intention to come to inquire about the house. Therefore, we should use the retro style to describe the old house.

3.Short house (Urgent sale)

Good things are not sold in a hurry, what is sold in a hurry is not necessarily good. Posting a notice about an urgent sale will make the tenant feel uneasy, perhaps the house is in poor condition or the owner is in urgent need of money.

4.There are bus and train stations nearby (Closed to bus stop / train rail)

When Posting the notice that there is a bus station or railway station near my home, although some people think it is very convenient, but in some people’s mind, there will be a lot of smoke and dust when the bus comes and goes, plus the sound of the train, which is certainly not what many people want! So to avoid this, post a notice saying only that there is a traffic stop nearby.

Post the subject of the announcement

The topic of our announcement must be able to attract people at a glance or make people want to ask for opinions, and it is best to be able to explain it in one sentence.

[rent/sell]—[The type of property to be sold]—[A prominent location nearby / Or the main channel]—[Size]—[The object’s selling point]

For example:

– Sell 2 floor house near BTS thonglor 180 square meters with complete decoration

-Rental 2 rooms 1 hall 1 bathroom apartment adjacent to star luo department store 32 square meters can be checked in at any time

These topics can attract some guests to actively click on our ads to ask us

Conclusion: the house is in good condition, the price is sweet, and the theme of the bulletin is on top three points, which is guaranteed to make a lot of people interested in your house.

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