Office for small tools, make work environment more comfortable.

Sitting in front of the computer desk, sorting out all the documents, busy answering the customer phone these things must be the ordinary office workers must experience the daily life, although sometimes boring but for their own work or have to recognize the points of their own work to do a good job.

The hard thing is that there’s no easy way to make these boring tasks fun. All we can do is add a little fun. Today, Yu Serviced Office wants to introduce Office gadgets, which can make our boring Office life more convenient and comfortable, and help us relieve some pressure. So let’s have a look at what Office gadgets can help us Office workers.


Shaped like a doughnut with the shape of a gap, but the matter is very comfortable cotton cloth made of can feel very soft, but it will help you fix your neck, won’t make the neck felt fine, when you combine the head with a chair to sit it can help you to alleviate some of the weight of the head, let you sit on chair above can also be very comfortable loosen, otherwise cause harm to the neck will for a long time.

2.Mobile phone seat

Mobile phone seat allows us to more easily see all the information notification, so that we can not always hold the phone because there is a message to put the phone, in the modern mobile phone seat has a lot of different forms of invention, in addition to can put the phone can have more other functions.

3.Anti-blue light glasses

Blu-ray is we sat every day life is bound to come into contact with a light, whether it’s computers or mobile phones all have blue light, these come down for a long time can cause burden to the eye, like myopia or eyes are will some pain, if you are sitting in front of the computer desk all day is in front of the person you computer screen, then you must wear resistant blue eyes or contact lenses to protect his eyes.

4.A rubber ball

Small like a ball, the size of the palm just about the same, like a ball can be when we feel bored on the hand to pinch a pinch on the hand when a pinch on the hand can help us get the hand because of typing all day tight muscles get appropriate relaxation.

5.Heal dice Fidget Cube

All of us face a variety of situations that require emotional mediation, stress, frustration, tension, distraction, etc. Give yourself an effective emotional relief, rapid emotional mediation, this is the purpose of the decompression box. Fidget Cube is very simple to use. There are six faces, just like rubik’s Cube. Each face has a unique function of regulating emotions, which can regulate your negative emotions. The pressure-relief air conditioning dice have been popular with young people and office workers in recent months.

Of course, there are many Office gadgets that can help you relieve the pressure of staying in the Office all day. However, these are all popular pressure relief gadgets that you can easily follow these days. If there are better gadgets in the future, Yu Serviced Office will introduce them to you again.

Finally, if you are just looking for new Office Yu Serviced Office will definitely your first choice, Yu Serviced Office lease Office located in downtown locations in Bangkok and BTS station nearby, there are department stores and food shops around can make you some variety of choice, convenient environment is also very good, the most important thing is that the Office is very clean and comfortable, can also have a free room for you to use additional services, and the counter staff get to reference and have a look.

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