Yu Serviced Office takes you to 11 well-known restaurants inside Suanplern Market.

When we decided to set up the office at some sites, will consider a lot of factors will determine the ultimate destination, the consideration of factors not only have the office itself advantages, reasonable rent, the traffic problem, of course also contains some of the sites around the office, the main impact of these will be decided to instruction in the office. If offices are located in more remote locations, restaurants are difficult to find or not easy to find, these will make many investors unwilling to waste investment in these places.

Today, Yu Serviced Office is going to introduce the restaurants near our company. If you happen to be looking for a rental Office, it is also a way for you to refer to those who really need a lot of delicious food around.

Today we’re going to introduce the Suanplern Market

Suanplern Market is a supermarket located in Rama 4, which covers an area of 10 lai (flat area unit of Thailand) and is built with industrial wind. It is located opposite the Maleenont building and next to our Green Tower.

Most of them are restaurants and sellers of some fashionable and popular articles. Some of the food sold in Suanplern Market include:

1.Roast chicken

Thailand is a very famous roast chicken chain, is the high quality raw material and special cooking to win the heart of the guests specialty is absolutely special grilled chicken, this is as long as everyone together to eat special food definitely will order a restaurant, the high quality of grilled chicken with the unique sauce in the match on a plate of salad and a bowl of green papaya silk composite mushroom soup, absolutely everybody will leave the saliva.

2.Thai noodle shop

Is a very famous in this area a noodle shop, and now it is in Suanplern inside the Market also opened a branch, the noodle shop to sell the contents is very diverse, not only have Rice and curry spices powder (in Thailand to cooking many kinds of food with Rice), dessert, and the specialty of this absolute is the “next pickled tofu” pink broth (noodles in broth is with marinade sauce tofu, so the broth is pink), there is also the general surface and the eastern Yin gong noodles in soup, with reasonable price and good food, Let all office workers come to this shop to enjoy delicious food almost on average two or three days.

3.Noodle hot spring egg (cooked in electromagnetic oven)

The Suanplern Market is a new business, and if you don’t come specifically to eat at the restaurant, there’s bound to be a long line after lunch! The signature dish is definitely dong Yin gong tang noodles with hot spring eggs, three layers of meat and special spicy noodles.

4.Pepper and salt creative cooking

Just listen to the name feel saliva dc, the restaurant’s signature cuisine is recommended should be pork and seafood cuisine to do with pepper and salt collocation, in addition to pepper and salt and Onions and garlic to fry and, the smell of the population water can not help but dc! If you want to try it, you have to order it early or you can call and order it first, or the number plate will be at the back in the middle of the day.

5.ZEN Japanese Restaurant

This is a Japanese food chain store that comes to Thailand from Japan to open, the fresh food material inside is absolutely not the word falls, the speed that gives meal also is fast, but the price of eat can slant a bit more in the price! However, if it is lunch, the restaurant can offer more choices for business lunch, and it will be more cost-effective.


Starbucks is a very famous coffee shop in the world. Starbucks has two floors inside Suanplern Market. Whether you prefer the bustling environment downstairs or the quiet environment upstairs, you can make any choice at will. Some people don’t want to eat lunch and want to have a cup of coffee to refresh themselves, which is also a good choice for you.

7.Santa Fe’ Steak

For those who like Steak, the menu at Santa Fe ‘Steak will definitely satisfy you. There is not only Steak, but also fish Steak, chicken Steak and pork Steak. It comes with cream spaghetti, mashed sweet potatoes, hot dogs and some fizzy drinks.

8.The Pizza Company

Is a has a particularly conspicuous green brand famous a Pizza restaurant, Pizza crust with a very much more different choices, so let The Pizza Company in Thailand shop very quickly, in addition to Pizza, there are a lot of snacks can let a guest to do more options, such as: small chicken, pasta, Korean rice, garlic bread, onion rings, etc., basic can be said to be in The store can have many different kinds of food.

9.Auan Potchana

Auan Potchana is derived from the popularization of the chaoshan area of guangdong province traditional folk snacks, especially Suanplern Market only a Chinese cuisines, is authentic traditional folk snacks also has the east Yin gong next miscellaneous, yellow face boiled eggs, Fried eggs, no matter today. Do you want to eat authentic traditional folk hours or is a sour spicy noodles is definitely the store and your appetite.

10.Ba Ba Liu

Creative food from Taiwan, not only selling pasta but also selling dessert and good pearl milk tea. Food packaging is a very unique case, is a small bowl of noodles with cups of pearl milk tea, so that you can eat noodles while you can directly drink pearl milk tea! The signboard of the shop is sichuan noodles have two kinds of flavors can give you to make a choice, one is sesame paste and the other is spicy flavor, Fried thing, taiwan-style ice and very good drinking pearl milk tea, if it is the person that likes to drink pearl milk tea, absolutely can’t miss this shop.

11.Pig feet rice

The rice of pig foot of very fan god, besides have rice of pig foot also have pig foot noodles to be being sold in!!! In the store, there are also stewed pork intestines with the secret recipe of unique gravy to make all the dishes more unique flavor. As long as you walk in, you will be fascinated by the delicious pork feet and the fragrant gravy flavor. If you like this, you should never miss it.

Finally, if you are just looking for new Office Yu Serviced Office will definitely your first choice, Yu Serviced Office lease Office located in downtown locations in Bangkok and BTS station nearby, there are department stores and food shops around can make you some variety of choice, convenient environment is also very good, the most important thing is that the Office is very clean and comfortable, can also have a free room for you to use additional services, and the counter staff get to reference and have a look.


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