MyHomeManage: Your Trustworthy Property Management Services

Are you an oversea foreigner who has property in Thailand and are having trouble taking care them in good condition? If the answer is yes, then MyHomeManage’s services might can help you take care your property.

Who are we?

We are property management service company and professional in providing property maintaining services. We serve in Bangkok, Malaysia, Singapore, London, Vietnam, Taiwan, China and Japan.

What can we do?

– Housekeeping: We provide top tier cleaning services from our trained maid. Just like a 5-star hotel.

– Renovating, and furnishing: We can help you design and renovate your dream house along with furnishing built-in and stand-alone furniture.

– Maintenance: Maintain your house to be in perfect condition. Perfect for people who’re rarely visit their home

– Bills payment: We ensure that all your bills are paid on time as we will provide receipts for customer retention.

– Photographing: To promote your rental properties, photo is the first thing that attract people. To make an excellent impression

Who can we handle?

– Property owners who need a professional and reliable care for their houses.

– Foreigners whom have properties in Thailand but barely have time taking care them.

– Property investors who have several commercial properties in control.

– Tenants who are looking for renting a property.

– Landlords who are looking for tenants.

What you will get?

– A professional property caring services with reasonable fee

– Online customer service with multi lingual. We can resolve your issues without language barrier problem.

– Mobile application for you to submit your request online and for landlords, you can use the application to manage your income from your leasing properties.

We assure your properties to stay in best condition. Contact MyHomeManage if you need one-stop-service property caring services.

Contact us:

Call: 0620151100

Line: @myhomemanage

Wechat: myhomemanage

Whatsapp: +66620151100

Skype csinfo_4

Facebook: MyHomeMnanage


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