What should I prepare for keeping pets in a rented house?

Pet is a friend that was handed down from ancient times, in Thailand, there are many families keep dogs and cats to Gu Gulai prevent dedicated to break into, but along with the time change people’s residence also follow the era in the transformation, because of high land more expensive so people can only be transferred to the home to the apartment, building, community, and so on, prices are more affordable transportation is convenient, so many people don’t want to find and choose a pet to your own company, but the apartment building where these places are public, So sometimes the noise of pets may cause some people’s opposition. Let’s take a look at what we should prepare before keeping pets so that our pets can get along well with the neighbors.

1.Choosing to buy/rent a pet is a recognized place

Discomfort in every apartment building can keep a pet, so you should first before you sign a contract to the other party can ask about pets, because pets is prohibited if today just apartment building such hiding is always very bad, after the discovery of apartment building management staff will have a trouble, worse fear of owner because they cannot afford to raise is surrender pets.

2.Fragrance spray

Aromatic sprays should be a must for every pet owner in the apartment or building. If the smell of the pet’s defecation and urine may be heavy, the original odor can be more or less covered with aromatic sprays, so as not to let neighbors smell bad smell and lead to your pet aversion.

3.Discard pet waste at regular intervals throughout the day

Whether it’s a dog pad, paper like a newspaper, or cat litter, these are things that need to be cleaned and packaged at regular intervals throughout the day to get rid of, or else the smell will drift out and cause other people to smell bad or bacteria to develop.

4.Avoid large pets

Large pets are easy to raise because they need a wide environment and careful care. They need space to run or they need the owner to take them out for a walk for a long time so that they will not have the tendency of autism and depression and start to destroy the things in the home.

5.Add anti-cat fall window

People often say that curiosity will kill the cat, that is to say the cat’s curiosity is very big and very naughty more like to climb up and down, the cat fell off the balcony of their own news is endless, the solution is to be in a dangerous place at the right time to install iron mesh, so as to prevent the cat will fall down.

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