Start the New Year by changing your work habits to embrace 2019.

In 2019, happy New Year! On the second day of January, many people return to work. Although the body and mind are still immersed in even false atmosphere, but still have to drag themselves back to the company to work.
Many people are established in 2019, a lot of goals for myself, for example: good exercise to lose weight to keep good figure, let oneself better work style and attitude, in order to own goal of saving money, there are more, including the concentration of do STH in the work life, let’s take a look at how we change our work habits, become a better person and be on the team company personnel lovely colleagues.

1.Become a more punctual person

Looking back at 2018, how many times have we been late altogether? Whether it’s getting up too late, getting stuck in traffic, not being in the car on time, or coming to work on time for whatever reason, it leaves a bad impression between companies and can cost you money. Persistent tardiness can also have an indirect impact on your work, and may affect your credibility with your boss! In 2019, you should start to change small things, such as knowing the reason why you will be late, and then start to change. If you are afraid of not getting enough sleep, you should move forward the time to sleep. If you are afraid of traffic, you should avoid rush hour and leave early. Since the buses are not on time, we should also look for alternative roads so that we can have more choices and do not have to worry about being late again.

2.Listen more calmly

No matter to colleagues, bosses or even customers, it is inevitable that there will be differences of opinion when we need to discuss or put forward opinions in work. However, it is up to us to decide how to deal with the problem.

As differences lead to dissatisfaction if exploded suddenly, not only will the harmony between ring with colleagues also destroyed a professional impression of customers, came to the 2019 New Year, trying to turn itself into an Ann, by listening to more than with ideas and prove a temporary bad mood is more important to study the “compromise” to maintain the harmony of many things. These are the team spirit that can maintain everybody to work together again above.

3.Eat on time

Have you ever noticed your eating habits in 2018? Our stomachs are a delicate organ that needs your relationship more than you think. Many people’s gastritis is caused by not eating on time or forgetting to eat. Every time it’s time to eat, our stomach starts making gastric juice and if we don’t start eating our stomach starts to break down! Therefore, we shouldn’t leave our stomachs empty at mealtime. If we can’t find the time to eat, at least we should have some sugary snacks when we are free.

4.Prioritize your day

Among wage earners like us, we may all be confused or burdened by some sense of responsibility in 2018. Started in 2019, we should start to change my own work, let’s all work order is more, should put an urgent thing to need to do as a row in the first and get rid of, we can also make a list of all completed items or pending issues can be clearly listed on the above, so that all items will become more clear.

5.Have better relationships with colleagues

In addition to the work that should be done originally, sometimes getting along well with colleagues in the company is also very important for the company. “solidarity” in the workplace can effectively improve the work, because we don’t want to work with people who are bad-tempered and always keep a straight face. So if in 2018, if you have a bad attitude to colleagues and always on the job board with a face, came to the New Year, we try to use more broad mind to accept others can change the Angle to think about the position of others, don’t stand with colleagues to think but try to think he is from a different Angle to family or personal factors out efforts to make money, so maybe we can can draw on more.

6.Have time for yourself and your family

Hard and unremitting work, we have a sense of responsibility for their own work with a responsible attitude is important, but in the end we can not forget that our life is definitely more than this! We also have family, friends, loved ones and those waiting for us. We try to look back on 2018. Besides being good employees of the company, do we have the duty to be good family members? Do we have the other half of the responsibility? Or do you have time to hang out with your friends? If you don’t have an idea, then in 2019 we will try to change our life plan! Start to give some time to family and friends, of course, this also includes their own time, to do what they like out of the work environment, so as not to tired their body.

The New Year is a good time for many people to start something new! Whether it’s doing something you haven’t done before, taking on a new activity, or making yourself a better person, achieving your goals in 2019 requires not only determination but also success in order to become a better person.

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