PM 2.5 Bangkok smog, a terrorist situation that cannot be ignored.

During these 1-2 weeks, many people living in Bangkok, Thailand will begin to notice that widespread haze! These fogs make the city of Bangkok as foggy as the morning air in Chiang mai. However, these white fogs are not as beautiful as the fog in the north. Instead, they turn into dust, smoke, pollution and various diseases. When we breathe in these haze has begun to cause a burden on our human body, today we will take you to understand this haze and how to protect themselves from the impact of these haze.

What is the PM2.5?

There are many pollutants in the air, among which the particulate matter (PM) floating in the air is called the particulate matter (particulate matter), the PM particle size is different, less than or equal to 2.5 micron (m), known as PM2.5, the unit is expressed in micrograms/cubic meter (g/m3), its diameter is less than 1/28 of the human hair thickness, very fine can penetrate the pulmonary air bubbles, and directly into the blood circulation with the whole body, so the impact on the human body and the ecology is not negligible.


What’s the harm in PM2.5?

Aerosols in the air enter the body through the nose, pharynx and larynx. Particles larger than 10 microns can be removed from the nasal cavity. Smaller particles can be absorbed into the body through the trachea and bronchus through the alveoli.
Aerosols of different sizes may cause different damage to human organs.

2.5~10-Deposits in the upper nasal cavity and deep breathing tract.
Fiber caused paralysis, bronchial mucosa have make mucous glands hyperplasia, cause reversible bronchospasm, take a deep breath, and spread to the bronchioles.

PM2.5 from where?

PM2.5 sources can be classified as both primary and secondary, both of which may be generated by nature or by man.
Natural production-Volcanic eruptions, crustal rocks, etc
Output of human behavior-Combustion of fossil fuels and industrial emissions, mobile source gases, etc.

According to the nature to distinguish

Primordial PM2.5-Direct emissions from natural and anthropogenic activities, particles that have not been chemically reacted in the atmosphere, such as natural sea salt droplets, dust from construction sites, vehicle dust and direct emissions from factories.

Derivative PM2.5-Nature and human activities the chemicals released into the atmosphere generated after the sun light or other chemical reaction, such as coal, oil and gas power plants,  steel mills, petrochemical industry factory, motor vehicle, ship, building coating material, agricultural fertilizer, livestock drainage and sewage, etc.

How to protect themselves in the haze? How to reduce PM2.5?


Improve diet structure and reduce cooking oil: cooking oil or cooking oil smoke is formed after a series of changes have taken place in cooking oil or food under high temperature conditions, and the PM2.5 concentration is on the high side, it is necessary to change the diet structure, reduce the consumption of Fried food, reduce environmental pollution.
Eat less barbecue food, reduce the PM2.5 produced in the process of food barbecue: smoke and barbecue will produce PM2.5, when food into the human body, may cause harm to human health.


Buy eco-friendly clothes: buy clothes made of natural fibers and eco-friendly clothes. Clothes made of chemical synthetic fibers need petrochemical materials, which consume energy and cause PM2.5 pollution.

Choose water-soluble dry cleaners: environment-friendly water-based surfactant, with no volatile organic matter surfactant replacement of petroleum, tetrachloride dry cleaning solvent, reduce PM2.5 precursor dispersion, and the advantage of water-based dry cleaning is no chemical smell.


Reduce the use of organic volatile solvents: if you often move house or renovation, you can also start from the use of organic volatile solvents to reduce the use of paint, organic volatile solvents generated by the VOC, the PM2.5 is the “shadow”, is the formation of PM2.5 is one of the most important precursor, leading to people get sick “culprit”.

Planting beautifies the green energy community: we can plant more green plants to maintain our air quality and healthy quality of life. Although indoor plants can absorb only a limited amount of PM2.5, they can purify related PM2.5 precursors. If we can save electricity and other green energy behaviors, the power plants that produce electricity can reduce PM2.5 emissions.


Take public transport: choose energy-efficient transport to reduce emissions and energy consumption and to improve personal health.
Can cultivate the habit of autonomous management of locomotive regular inspection: jointly promote the control of pollution caused by highly polluting motor vehicles.


Through school education, students will be taught how to reduce PM2.5: the epd will also educate students about the importance of PM2.5 reduction to people’s health through school education.

Parents lead by example to teach children how to reduce: the most important is family education, mom and dad can lead by example to teach children how to live in food and clothing to reduce not only PM2.5 but all air pollution emissions, I believe we can have a beautiful sky.


Sacrifice does not burn gold pure air good environmental protection: people can choose more advanced environmental protection worship way, such as: with merit donation, white rice, flowers and fruit and so on instead of burning gold paper, reduce the paper money burning PM2.5, worship can also be donated to vulnerable groups or bring back to eat, one count.

Reduce folk activities: setting off firecrackers can reduce the PM2.5 produced by burning. Using environmental friendly firecrackers provides a sound atmosphere that is both environmentally friendly and safe.

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