Registration of companies and some paperwork – receiving

     Registration of companies and businesses, including of course registered addresses and some document processing services.
Operated by experienced lawyers and accountants
✅convenient ✅fast ✅reasonable price✅Consulting on company related issues

Finally, if you are just looking for new Office Yu Serviced Office will definitely your first choice, Yu Serviced Office lease Office located in downtown locations in Bangkok and BTS station nearby, there are department stores and food shops around can make you some variety of choice, convenient environment is also very good, the most important thing is that the Office is very clean and comfortable, can also have a free room for you to use additional services, and the counter staff get to reference and have a look.

Yu Serviced Office

Facebook:@yuservicedoffice /
Line: yuservicedint
Skype: yuserviced
Whatsapp: Yu Serviced Office / +66636471252
Address:3656/45 Green Tower 15F, Rama 4 Bangkok
Tel:(+66) -2-821-5880
Email:[email protected]


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