MyHomeManage: Your Trustworthy Property Management Services

Are you an oversea foreigner who has property in Thailand and are having trouble taking care them in good condition? If the answer is yes, then MyHomeManage’s services might can help you take care your property.

Who are we?

We are property management service company and professional in providing property maintaining services. We serve in Bangkok, Malaysia, Singapore, London, Vietnam, Taiwan, China and Japan.

What can we do?

– Housekeeping: We provide top tier cleaning services from our trained maid. Just like a 5-star hotel.

– Renovating, and furnishing: We can help you design and renovate your dream house along with furnishing built-in and stand-alone furniture.

– Maintenance: Maintain your house to be in perfect condition. Perfect for people who’re rarely visit their home

– Bills payment: We ensure that all your bills are paid on time as we will provide receipts for customer retention.

– Photographing: To promote your rental properties, photo is the first thing that attract people. To make an excellent impression

Who can we handle?

– Property owners who need a professional and reliable care for their houses.

– Foreigners whom have properties in Thailand but barely have time taking care them.

– Property investors who have several commercial properties in control.

– Tenants who are looking for renting a property.

– Landlords who are looking for tenants.

What you will get?

– A professional property caring services with reasonable fee

– Online customer service with multi lingual. We can resolve your issues without language barrier problem.

– Mobile application for you to submit your request online and for landlords, you can use the application to manage your income from your leasing properties.

We assure your properties to stay in best condition. Contact MyHomeManage if you need one-stop-service property caring services.

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How to Boost Your Inspiration at Work

How to Boost Your Inspiration at Work

Routine working can be boring sometimes. However, whether you are boring of your work, colleagues, or your supervisors, you still have to endure all of these annoyance as quitting is not the best choice since you still have to pay your bills and nowadays jobs are not so easy to find.

So, if you can’t quit, why don’t you just change your working style to eliminate your boredom? These 7 steps will help you adjust your perspective and boost your inspiration at work.

  1. Renovate your office desk

Messy desk shows how disorganized the desk owner are. It may be convenient for you to pick up things, but for your colleagues or even your bosses, they will thing that you are lacking potential to keep things in order.

  1. Change your office stationary to be more colorful

Try to find some colorful gadget to decorate your desk: post-it paper, stationary, stapler and so on. Moreover, you could put a tiny vase, cartoon figure or put some stickers on to boost your creativeness for your work.

  1. Attend to social events more often

Working hard is admirable, but don’t forget to develop relations with your colleagues and bosses. People with good relationship will finish their job more effectiveness. So, try to have a chit-chat at lunch break or join drinking party after work once a week would be nice!

  1. Find some holidays for yourself

Earning money from hard working might be the first priority of many people. However, you don’t have to be so dedicated by sacrificing all of your time working. Try to spend your time doing what you love, find some hobbies or stay with who you love.

  1. Learn to let things go

Bad things can happen every day. You might have done some mistake that lead your bosses or customers to complain, or the work you are doing hasn’t come in good result. You can be sad about them, but, hey, don’t hold it for too long. Let it goes and learn lessons from them.

  1. Set your own goal

Working without achievement in life can be dull. Why don’t you set some goal that you estimate will be success in 5 years, like buying a house, getting promoted to higher position, saving enough money to open your own business, etc. After decided what will be your goal, you will be more potential in working since you aren’t working just for money, but also for your dream!

  1. Forgive your enemies

You might dislike some people at work, but everyone has their own flaw, even you. If possible, try to reconcile and speak with each other with care and respect. All of you are here for work and have the same business goal. So, try to get along and learn to see people from different point of view and you will see that everyone has their own good inside.

Rewrite from Jeeb

Author: Raphi Nonthasiri

For businesspeople who wish to start their business in Bangkok, Thailand, and don’t know where to find a good rental serviced office. Yu Serviced Office is one of the professional serviced office you could find in Bangkok. With privacy, security, furnished, and many consulting services, Yu Serviced Office can support and help you to achieve your business goal as your success is our responsibility.


Yu Serviced Office

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Author: Raphi Nonthasiri




6 Ways to Relieve Your Stress from Work

6 Ways to Relieve Your Stress from Work

Stress is not just a mentally state. Your body can be affected if you become too stressful. This goes with stress you receive from working. Being dedicated to your work is a good thing, but sometimes, you need to relax yourself just to prevent getting sick from lethal illness such as, high blood pressure, heart disease, chronic depression, and such. This article will show you 6 easy ways to relieve your stress from work:

1. Turn some music on

If you feel stressed from work or think that you need to be a bit zone out from what you are doing, just plug in your earphones and tune on some relaxing music. Closing your eyes and listening to music for 5-10 minutes can help you feel calm and relieved. But don’t play it too loud for it might disturb your colleagues.

2. Chew some snack

Everyone loves snack! Even when they are working. Stopping yourself from working just few minutes to grab some snacks won’t hurt anybody. The recommended snack is dark chocolate since it has “Phenylethylamine” which can help in relaxing.

3. Aroma

Have you ever heard of “Aromatherapy”? Nice scent from fragrant flower, aroma candles, or perfume can help you relaxing. Just place them on your working desk and you will feel at ease from the pleasant aroma.

4. Shortly close your eye

Maybe you are not stressed, but just a bit tired form all day work. If your work requires looking at computer all day, then it might be bad for you. Shortly closing your eyes every hour can help comforting your eyes or you can wear blue block glasses to prevent blue light from computer to harm your eyes.

5. Stretch your body

Sitting in the same position for too long can cause you “Office Syndrome”, which is the popular illness among office workers. You can easily stretch your body by just standing up and do some exercise or take a work for a bit to refresh yourself and reduce stress from work.

6. Enjoy the view

Staring through windows, looking at the city and trees outside can help you feel relaxed as green and blue colors is the relaxing color. Your head will be cool down as your eyes will feel relaxed from admiring the view.

These are the easy steps to make you feel at ease and reduce your stress from work. Don’t push yourself too hard and forget to treat yourself well.

Rewrite from: MBK Life

Author: Raphi Nonthasiri

Yu Serviced Office

Creative Office – Light Up the Flame of Creativity for New Generation Office Workers

Creative Office – Light up the flame of creativity for new generation office workers

Did you know that your workplace can influence your creativeness and can boost your work potential?

Whether you are a broker, entrepreneur, or CEO, one thing that you should be focus on beside from a good strategy to increase the company benefits is “employees”. Employees are the important aspect for the company since they are the gears to move the business forward.

But, did you know that working more than 40 hours per week makes employees bored and tired of coming to office? Gen Y office workers are highly affected by this since they are more like to love having freedom. They can’t stay working at the same environment for too long, especially in plain, square office with office desks lining up, and has no relaxing areas.

From the research of the State of Create: 2016 from Adobe, they stated that companies that invest on motivating creativeness of employees including decorating offices and expanding leisure areas will increase potential of employees up to 78% and increase up to 76% for employees’ happiness.

This is the reason why many world leading organizations renovate their office to be playground or expand leisure areas. Some companies write interesting policies, like “Dog Day” for employees to take their fur buddies to work or removing employees’ office desks and encourage employees to work anywhere in the building.

Now let’s have a peek of world leading companies to see what their offices look like


One of leading travel agent company like TripAdvisor, has an office in Massachusetts. They granted the atmosphere and put passion of traveling to the very sqm of the office. You can see the nice portrait of places over the world combined up to be world map, or large ceiling glass that you can see through to appreciate the sky above. They also have leisure room which everyone can play pool, read books and relax while drinking coffee.


Moo is one of the offices of creativity. This design company has colorful office that helps generating creativeness for their designers and other employees. They combine odd design with colorful decoration making the office looks interesting.

Red Frog Events

Red Frog Events is the leading event holding organizer of United State. They designed the office to be joyful and colorful for everyone to play as their playground. The office decoration includes: a treehouse, tree-trunk-like chairs, and a giant frog standing in the office, making their employees look like they are working in the middle of the jungle.

If you want to make your company atmosphere to be warm and lovely among employees, first you must start from composing happiness in working, building harmony among employees, renovating office design: color, design, furniture, logo, including small details in daily routine working for employees. These will make employees feel attached to the company and make them produce the great work for you.


Rewrite from: businesslinx.globallinker

Author: Raphi Nonthasiri

Top 6 Interesting Goods That Foreign Investors Should Import from Thailand


Top 6 interesting goods that foreign investors should import from Thailand

Are you an investor who plans to import items from Thailand, but has no idea what goods should you make profit with? This top 10 list will give you a general review of Thai’s products that’s famous and well-known all over the globe. In other words, if someone says something about these items, they will add that if you want it with best quality, you must import it from Thailand!


  1. Handicrafts

Thais’ handicrafts are masterpiece as Thai’s craftsmen put effort and Thailand culture through all of the works as you can sense the scent of Asia from the product. The popular handcrafted souvenir that tourists bought from Thailand are paper lamps, bamboo lamps, wooden sculptures, religious idol, etc.

  1. Thai silk

Unique and high quality, hand-woven Thai silk is classy, and the use is vast among high society over the world. Wearing cloth made from Thai silk can show the wearer social status. Nowadays, foreign investors export high amount of Thai silk as cloth shops all over the globe are demanding the supply of them.

  1. Flowers (Especially orchids)

Varieties of flowers can be found in Thailand as they grow best in tropical area. Orchids are one of demanded flowers from other countries as they have unique and charming looks, and rich in scent. Delivering orchids while they are still fresh is a tough job. That’s why international investors interest in running business.

  1. Cosmetic Products

Cosmetic and spa industry growing rate is higher every year and their reputation can be heard over the sea. In Thailand, as those who value beauty come to Thailand to use these beauty services, helping the spa and cosmetic industries to grow. This is why importing cosmetic products from Thailand is an excellent business, as there are many who cannot visit Thailand, but still want to use their product.

  1. Food and Beverage

Thai cuisine is well-known all over the world as you can see Thai restaurants around in many citis, serving Siamese’s signature cuisine like, Som Tum (Papaya Salad), Tom Yum Goong (Spicy shrimp soup), etc. Tropical fruits, e.g. durians, mangos, mangosteens, lychees, longan are also popular and especially expensive in some continents, like America and Europe due to the fee of importing procedure. However, the delicate taste of these product of southern Asia attracts people to purchase them without hesitation.

  1. Gems and Jewelry

Believe it or not, Thailand is one of the top gems and jewelry exporter in international markets. You can often see product from Thailand in many jewelry markets. With skilled craftsmen, and low cost from the flat rate of labor cost, making Thai’s gems and jewelry the best destination for gems investors to invest on these precious stone markets.


We hope this article can give you an overview of what to import from Thailand. If you need to establish a company to operate the operation, feel free to contact with Yu Serviced Office as we specialize in International business management.


Information from Portalexport, Konradlegal

Author: Raphi Nonthasiri

Why Nowadays Businesspeople Choose to Work with Serviced Office?

Why Nowadays Businesspeople Choose to Work with Serviced Office?


What is your ideal workplace? Every business needs a place to perform its performance whether it is a big or small business. Some pick luxurious places to gain trust from customers and some may pick modest working spaces for their small team.


Nowadays, many businesspeople in Thailand are avoiding buying a whole commercial real estate to operate their business for the expense of owning one is immense and the large offices are far needed since many teams contain not more than 10 people.


“Serviced office” is a perfect candidate for entrepreneurs and businesspeople whom looking for a working space that has fair price, furnished and full of privacy.

Serviced office comes in many concepts, co-working space, rental office, shared working space and more. What they have in common is the idea of “sharing” with other businesspeople.

But why “sharing” a work place is a good thing? This might be what comes in mind when hearing about sharing working space. In business, sharing means having opportunities to meet other entrepreneurs and that means a great chance for you to develop your business by being their partner. In Bangkok, Thailand, a programmer may find that his next-door office is an IT support company which leads them to be partners in business. An opportunity like this what serviced office can provide you.

So, what is an ideal serviced office should have?

Different places would have different feature. However, the main feature of ideal serviced office must consist:


Sharing doesn’t mean zero privacy. A good shared working space will have soundproof wall to prevent outside noise to reach in.


The security system must also in good condition and reliable. Fingerprint & ID card are popular since they are most secure. Also, a counter receptionist must well trained and prepared for greeting visitors and outsider who come to meet the customers.

Office furniture

A good serviced office will not bother you to bring your own furniture here. All you need are your laptop and personal belongings. Your responsibility is just to come and sit in furnished working office working at ease.

Consulting services

Not only domestic companies that work at shared working space such as serviced offices, but also national companies. Many businesses want to establish their branches outside their country but don’t want to purchase a commercial building as they need workers to employ around 2–3 people, so they invest on serviced office instead. However, many foreign companies find that performing company registration and other procedure in different countries is difficult due to different law and regulations of each nation, so they often rely on someone in the country to perform the procedure. But wouldn’t it be more convenient if shared working space can provide consulting services too? Of course, they can. Sharing space like “serviced office” has other services aside from rental office. They provide foreign business supporting services like: company registration, working permit & visa application, open business bank account and so on. With these extra services, the customers don’t need to look for outsource companies which are unreliable to deal with important subjects.

For businesspeople who wish to start their business in Bangkok, Thailand, and don’t know where to find a good rental serviced office. Yu Serviced Office is one of the professional serviced office you could find in Bangkok. With privacy, security, furnished, and many consulting services, Yu Serviced Office can support and help you to achieve your business goal as your success is our responsibility.

Yu Serviced Office

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Author: Raphi Nonthasiri